Taylor Swift and the melodrama

My undergraduate thesis for McMaster University. An examination of narrative and stylistic elements of 19th Century Melodrama that are present in the 2011 Speak Now! World Tour by Taylor Swift. Included is an analysis of the structure of songs and how they speak to an implied narrative journey using stock characters such as the heroine, the villain and the faithful servant. How did these characters come about and why have they endured for so long?



A Small town girl

A small town in Southern Ontario is shaken up when startling revelations about one of their classmates is brought to light.

Part of an anthology I was writing circa 2012, and probably the only story from it I'm actually happy with.


Pedagogy at it's best

My first published article back in 2011. Originally published in Insight Magazine.

What is the role of the Humanities? How can the humanities survive in a world dominated by results? How vital are the Humanities in education?