Photographer. Archivist. Writer.
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I first received a camera in 1996 and have been taking pictures ever since. In 2014 I went to Mohawk College and graduated with a diploma in Creative Photography and currently I am a salesperson at Henry’s Camera Store, so photography is an ever present facet of my life.

I don’t see myself as having a specific style, I just take pictures and try to show the world as I see it. My galleries range from Weddings, to Street Photography, to Fine Art to random pictures of things that I find. No style of photography is unwelcome to me.

Currently I mainly use a Fuji X-T2, though I own about 30 Film cameras that all get there chance to shine.

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Weddings are a special occasion. It truly is a challenge to capture the magic of the date in a single moment. To feel all the hope, happiness, pride, and excitement years afterwards - that is why photography is truly special. 


“Head shots” are one of my least favorite forms of photography, a blank stare on a white background. People are rich with idiosyncrasies and a true portrait should be able to draw out their personality to the viewer.


A broad category that I use to describe everything and anything that crosses my path in my life. From nature to art to astrophotography. These are some of my favourite shots.