Critical Writings


Taylor Swift and the Melodrama:

Taylor Swift’s 2011 Speak Now World Tour uses stylistic and storytelling elements that are deeply rooted in late-nineteenth century melodramas. Because of this connection it can be argued that the concert itself is a modern day melodrama. We can come to this conclusion due to several aspects; the characters present, the various settings of the concert, and the narrative structure of Swift’s songs…

Gender, Normativity and the “Medical Gaze” in Phantom of the Opera:

In 2011 Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera celebrated its silver anniversary on the stage. Over sixty years earlier a silent film starring Lon Chaney Sr. was also produced. The two texts are based off of the same Gaston Leroux novel, yet differ greatly – one being a musical and the other being a silent horror film. Despite these differences the two texts still speak to each other. They offer an examination on how roles of gender and perceptions of normativity have progressed and remained the same in the twentieth century…

The Role of the Humanities

As a Humanities student I’m well accustomed to the rivalry that exists between McMaster’s Engineers-to-be and the art majors. Between students, the rivalry is light hearted – they mock us for not being able to do “anything” with our degree once we’re finished, we respond in kind with a pseudo sense of intellectual superiority. But this light hearted feud represents an actual problem; what is the role of the university? Is it a place for an education or is it a training ground for a career?


What If…Directed Star Wars?


A Small Town Girl: A small town is turned upside down when they find out that one of the children has been lying about their gender.
‘Twas the Night Before 4-20: A re-imagining of the classic Christmas Story, celebrating 4-20 instead. I regret nothing.