About Me

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My name is Zane Andres and I am a photographer based out of Hamilton, Ontario. I’ve been taking pictures ever since the age of six when I was given my first camera for Christmas. For years I took photos to try and preserve moments in my life. After receiving my Honours Bachelor of Arts in English, Theatre and Film, and Religious Studies from McMaster University, I began taking more and more photos in my spare time and eventually began to look at the possibility of photography as a career. In 2014 I started in the Creative Photography program at Mohawk College to hon my business skills.

“Life isn’t how to survive the storm, it’s about how to dance in the rain.”
― Taylor Swift

My greatest photographic influence would have to be Ansel Adams, whose work changed my entire outlook on photography and the power behind it. In addition I identify strongly with the English Romanticist movement and consider myself a Romantic photographer. I don’t always agree that things need to be scrutinized and sometimes things can be enjoyed simply for their artistic beauty. As a Romanticist I see no reason to always rationalize the world by presenting it as it actually is, but rather how it is devised in the mind. My goal is to trigger the artistic emotions of the sublime in my viewers, emphasizing intense emotion as a source of aesthetic experience.

My iconic self portrait.

Commercially, I specialize in Weddings and Engagements, Portraits, and Commercial Photography, such as product and magazine shots. Privately I enjoy Cosplay, Macro and Infrared Photography as my artistic outlets. I am also versed in video and image editing in programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud; Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Premiere Pro and I am currently learning Adobe After Effects. While I am based in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area I am available to travel outside this area if need be.

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– Z